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Meet Jon

Jon is the Founder and Owner of ThreadLOXX and UnorthoDOXX Studio.

What started as a impulsive decision to put one dreadlock into Ali's hair one night in 2015 sparked the start of the entire ThreadLOXX journey, and from there it has been blossoming into this wonderful empire, and fulfilling the dream of working on some of his favourite locked musicians, and providing his invention 'The ToggleLOXX' internationally to you wonderful people.

Jon has been creating and maintaining the dreads of his whole family since that night in 2015, continuing to give Ali a full set of her own dreadlocks, followed by his son Maxx, then his daughter Trixx and then the youngest daughter Luxx. After a few years of this, when friends and family started to reach out to him to create and maintain dreadlocks for them, he began his vision for a dreadlock-fuelled business. 

In 2019 he began experimenting with making dreadlock accessories like beads to start with, the skate bead was the first. From there came the invention of the ToggleLOXX', whilst looking for a neat way to tie our long heavy dreads, we knew we needed something grossly more substantial than a traditional hairband. Seeing the wonderful dreadlocked community spending their hard earned money on something he created with his own mind and hands was all the encouragement he needed to leave his boring job in a factory and set sail of this amazing adventure. 

Now, 8 years in, UnorthoDOXX Studio is in full swing, well into it's second year, Jon now has a NVQ level 2 in Professional Barbering to go alongside his dread work and the vision continues to grow and expand.

Jon is the dreadlock technician and the  one to go to for perfect tight sections, neat uniform dreads and unique issues such as thinning areas, intense matting and loc repair.

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