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ToggleLOXX Halloween Confetti Resin Dread Tie

ToggleLOXX Halloween Confetti Resin Dread Tie

  • Product Info

    This beatiful unique piece is a collaboration effort with myself and Artyboho, Resin Artist. Find her work

    ToggleLOXX are a great solution to tying back your dreadlocks. Super easy to put in and take out. A beautiful accessory that come in a variety of different designs.


    Please note: The ToggleLOXX pictured are examples. Each is unique and differs slightly.


    The band can stretch around dreadlocks with a circumference ranging from 160mm - 380mm (approx).

  • More About the Product

    This is a unique product, created with functionality in mind. With the ToggleLOXX, you do not need to feed your dreadlocks through a hairband, straining the hairband, and your locs. It wraps straight around one time then fixes into place with the innovative toggle system.


    It has created a buzz in the dreadlock community over the last couple of years, and has generated over 1,200 sales and 300+ 5-star reviews in just over one year!

  • Return Policy

    In the unlikely event this product fails to reach your expectations, please contact us directly. We are here for you. We are happy to work with you to help resolve any issues or concerns.

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