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Meet Jozennay

Jay is our Professional Braider, joining the UnorthoDOXX Studio shortly after opening.

Jay is self taught and has been braiding since she was a child. She has over 20 years of experience from braiding in the Caribbean and is a Master of her Craft. 

This Queen breathes life to the Studio on days it may be lacking, she will sprinkle essence of Jay everywhere she goes, if you were shy and unsure when you walked in, you will be out of that shell by the time you walk out. She spreads such wholesome confidence to every one of our customers, which is so valuable and important to us all. This makes her an exceptional role model for children who come to have their hair styled by her. 

Jay can do Dutch Braids, Cornrows, Box Braids, Knotless Braids, Butterfly Locs, Weaves, Slick up-do's, Loc Styling, and the list goes on.

Jozennay is the one to see for a pick-me-up and a FRESH hairstyle.

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